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Pontoon Restoration

Pontoon Boat Restoration

EverythingPontoon offers in house Restoration services. If you don’t have the room or feel that a restoration project would be a little challenging---maybe you just don’t have the tools or the time! But your pontoon boat is in need of some maintenance or maybe you just want a new look, either way EverythingPontoon has the help you are looking for. We can restore your pontoon in several different ways:

• If your decking, railing, helm stand, furniture are still looking mighty fine but your Tan carpet is growing and has turned “Green”. We can just re-carpet your pontoon boat.
• If your deck is rotting and of course your carpet leaves a bit to be desired, we can do the re-deck, re-carpet restoration for you.
• If your pontoon boat has just seen “better days” then we can do the Complete Restoration! From the deck up! What better place to have it done—than the factory!

Call for your appointment today, spring is HERE and you don’t want to lose any “Family Summer Fun” on the water. 1-866-820-6142!