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We know our customers sometimes have limited space for restoring their pontoon boat. We understand this dilemma, so we have come up with a helpful shipping arrangement-- Instead of receiving your carpet, steering console/helm-stand and new seating all at once—Everythingpontoon offers a “PRECISION SHIPPING PROGRAM” that saves you a lot of trouble and aggravation.

Here’s how it works:

We ship your product in intervals (see below)

Marine Plywood and decking kits ships in 24 hours

Fence/Rail riser kits 24 hours

Glue 24 hours

Carpet ships in 48 hours

Our custom made seating ships in 7 working days

This allows you time to install your base boat project:---plywood, carpet, rails ect., without tripping over boxes of seating that can’t be installed until your base boat is done. Your seating arrives in 7 working days just when you are ready to install the seating. The Precision Shipping Program is perfect for a small space garage or a small storage facility and if you have the space it’s also great as it helps to eliminate damage to your furniture that is waiting to be installed.